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Welcome and thank you for taking time to visit our website.
EASY REPORT LTD has mastered technology of software engineering, developing a workflow and methodology that improves our performance on every key customer metric, including product quality, time to market, budget adherence, project transparency and issue resolution.
As one of best software development in Rwanda, our dream is to facilate you in whatever service you need in our company to make you work more flexible. we are offering the folowing services:
  1. Software development
  2. Web hosting and design
  3. IT Consultancy
  4. Computer training
  5. Computer maintenace
  6. Networking
  7. IT supply
  8. School and Office furniture and stationnay supply
  9. French-English-Kinyarwanda Language translation
  10. Project planning and management

To promote artists in Rwanda and all over the world, EASY REPORT LTD launched 2 websites


Today EASY REPORT LMTD has already accomplished to develop the following:
  1. Electronic students marks report
  2. Electronic procurement system
  3. Electronic fleet management system
  4. Digital library
  5. Electronic inventory management
  6. Electronic pharmaceutics store management
  7. Electronic church management
  8. Electronic school management
  9. Electronic agro business management
  10. Various institutional websites(e.g. IPB Website)

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